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Deciding which beach is the best beach in Los Cabos isn't an easy task. We've tried and always come to the same conclusion… there's simply too many great beaches to choose just one as Cabo's best beach. Some are more picturesque than others, some offer safe swimming and exceptional snorkeling while others have great surf breaks or tidal pools that make beachcombing a terrific way to spend a day.

Before you decide to jump in for a swim, please remember that many of the beaches in Los Cabos have powerful undertows and often treacherous waves. Every year folks make the mistake of underestimating the strength of the currents with fatalities from drowning occurring more often than we'd care to say.

This one is very serious as 4 of 6 US non-natural deaths in Cabo San Lucas from June 2014 to June 2015 were from drowning according to the US Department of State.

Not all of Cabo's beaches are safe for swimming. Strong undertow and rough surf are common along beaches especially on the Pacific coast. It may seem appealing to swim in the water with large waves, but the cost is definitely not worth it.


- The best tip you can have, is to always turn to locals when it comes to asking for a swimming safe spot, they will definitely guide you on the right direction and advise you on things you might not know, like if the waves break on the beach, they are far more likely to cause a dangerous undertow. 

- Take warning flags on beaches very seriously. If you find black or red flags, do not enter the water. Also take a look around, if no one else is swimming, you should not be in the water. The bottom line is to heed the warning signs that say "Stay Out, Stay Alive".

- If the weather is stormy, don't get in the water.

- Watch all children on the beach - even if it's a safe swimming areaand never leave them unsupervised in the water.

- If you decide to go swimming in Cabo, make sure that someone else knows where you are. Avoid swimming alone. Always have extreme caution and never swim under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Please Share this information, and always be Safe!

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