3 months ago

To all our customers and Friends,

As Lidia just pasted by Los Cabos area, InsideLosCabos team and headquarters count themselves in the fortunate ones who did not suffer major loss, we are up and running, ready for all your transportation needs!

For all our clients still in Cabo or arriving on the next couple days, we are glad to inform that all arrivals and departures during the contingency have been accomplished exceeding our customers’ expectations, both meeting everyone’s departure flights in due time and also greeting all arriving customers as well! 
About the inquiries on the condition of the roads, aside from the drive to and from the airport being longer than usual due to damage on the highway and debris still blocking some lanes, access to the airport has been fully habilitated and we expect much improvement on the repairing work in the next couple days.

For all travelers looking to book your vacations, Sunny skies and warm people eager to make your stay as pleasant as possible is awaiting for you in Cabo, great majority of the resorts did not suffer considerable damage and will be ready to welcome you in no time!
And if you need reliable and professional transportation services, we at InsideLosCabos are more than ready to assist your every need! 
Our agents are standing by to assist you both on our toll free +1-877-401-1796 as on the chat in our website.

Inside Los Cabos Team 

We hope to see you very soon!

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